14th February 1946

-This is a continuation of yesterday’s letter.-

Here I am again, sorry I couldn’t finish the letter last night but we had an emergency call and had to “flash up” the borders. The match was also cancelled because of the emergency. Still nothing came of it as it was just an alarm. Today we are duty destroyer again instead of going to sea. We were again supposed to be playing football this afternoon against H.M.S. “Contest” but that match has also been cancelled. Still I expect we shall probably play one of them tomorrow, I hope so at any rate.

I had quite a few letters again this morning, two from you, one from Jean and an addressed envelope from Jean with nothing inside it. I wonder how that happened? Your two letters were numbered 12 and 13 the last one dated Feb 5th.

Dealing with number 12 first – I was surprised to hear about Margaret L. getting married, it seems that all my ‘old flames’ are getting ‘hitched’ doesn’t it.

Fancy Paul S. being at Capetown when I was there, its a pity that I missed him. Did you give him my address by the way?

I don’t expect that I shall have any chance of bumping into Aunt Pollie or your cousin at New Zealand. I should think that we shall gradually get nearer home now. The chaps on board here that have been to New Zealand say that it is the best place for hospitality that they have been to.

I shall keep an eye out for the “Newfoundland” when it comes in but I shall have a bit of a job finding Brian T. as I don’t even know whether he is a seaman or a stoker or what! Still I can try and find him!

Well that seems to be about all for letter 12 so here goes for No 13. Thank Granny K. for the ¬£1 will you please. I will have to write to her again soon. At the moment I am absolutely “snowed under” with mail I have got about twelve people to reply to after this letter so I shall be pretty busy. I shall probably knock most of them off tonight.

I think I had better close for now or else I shan’t be able to send the letter by air mail. I shall probably be writing to Jean tomorrow or Saturday. I am enclosing a ten cent Hong Kong note that Jean might like.

So for the time being I shall have to say “cheerio”

All my love


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