1st February 1946

Dear Jean,

So sorry that I haven’t replied to your letter that I received at Port Darwin before but honestly this is the first opportunity that I have had.

The reason that letters are getting to you quicker than yours are getting to me is because mail to England should only take five days from Australia whereas it takes ten to get out to Australia. I don’t know what the service is like from here, I don’t expect I shall get much though as we shall be moving about quite a lot in the near future. Still I don’t mind that, it will certainly be better than staying here too long.

The weather here is not so hot as it was in Sydney, well not at the moment at any rate you can’t really tell by one day can you? As I have mentioned in my letter to Mom we are playing football tomorrow (I think it is tomorrow) so if it is like it was today it won’t be too bad. Still I reckon I am getting used to heat by now. In the boiler room there is an average heat of 110 to 120 or more degrees so you can guess it is pretty warm.

I expect it is getting a bit warmer at home now isn’t it? I should imagine it has been a pretty severe winter this year hasn’t it?

I will be handy for you for school when you move won’t it, the bus that passes by the door goes across, I think. Also handy for the pictures with your boy friend. It is funny that I was born just a few doors away and now after seventeen years I should pretty well return to my birthplace. Well I presume I shall return there, at least I hope I am not in that ling that you leave before I get demobbed.

It is a pity that I missed Bill H. just by a fortnight I should have liked to have seen him before he went home. Don’t forget if you hear of any other village boys that are out here just let me have their addresses and I will keep my eyes open for them.

Well I shall have to close for the time being so until next time
All my love
Your brother Graham
x x x x x x


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