13th January 1946

Dear Mom, Dad & Jean,

Just another letter to thank you for your very welcome letter which I received this morning, No 7. I was certainly glad to get as I had only had one letter during the week. Still I had yours, on from Jess O., one from Gilbert B., you remember one of my mates at Suffolk St. so I shall have some to reply to now.

I hope you got my Xmas cards in time for Xmas. I thought perhaps I had left them a bit too late. I haven’t heard from anyone who has received one yet so I don’t know or haven’t any idea when they get to England.

I have received all your letters safely so I don’t know where you got the idea that I hadn’t receive the first three, I think you must have read one of them wrong as I can’t remember saying anything about not receiving them. I received No 1 on the 1st of December, No 2 on the 3rd and No 3 on the 4th of January.

I have also received about six Birmingham Mails altogether but of course it is not so important if they get lost.

I have also the two photos and the address from Mr P. with the Cricket Club programme with it.

Tell Jean I am getting quite n expert at roller skating but I didn’t tackle the ice skating. I had more respect for my neck at the finish. I expect you have received my photo by now. By the way I think letter No 7 was a thick one so it is quite likely hat it went by sea instead of air mail. I posted it on the 1st of January so I expect you will have got it by now. I also posted a photo of the “Trafalgar” today which you will get about the same time as this letter.

I had my photo taken with the Midlanders today and if it is any good I will send it to the Mail. In any case I will send a copy to you!

Pleased to hear that Ray is on the job again, give my best regards to him will you, and all the girls in the shop including Mary “with the curls” and Mr Hill and all the gang.


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