12th January 1946

Dear Mom, Dad & Jean,

Here I am again with a few more lines to let you know I am still in the best of health. I am still at Sydney at the moment but am sailing from here next Thursday for Hong Kong and Shanghai. I am hoping it is ‘homeward bound’ after that but they will probably take me off the ship if it does because of the demobbing.

Tomorrow there is a press photographer coming on board to take “town” photographs. I am hoping to get on the Birmingham photo if I can get off duty. If I do get on I shall send a copy to the Mail on Despatch so keep your eyes open during February as they may publish it.

I had my first watch down the boiler room on Wednesday when we flashed up the boilers on trail before sailing on Thursday. The temperature was 148º at one time and they reckon that is cool so I reckon I shall a bit of weight in sweat on this trip.

Has the winter weather subsided yet in Birmingham? We have had a moderately cool spell here lately – just a mere eighty or so!

I see the Villa only just managed to draw  with Coventry in the cup. I wonder whether it was to draw the crowd at Villa Park the following week.

I had another three papers come today, the Birmingham Mail, Nov 9th and 10th and the football final of the 10th, Coleshill Chronicle and Warwick News. It seems funny reading news two months old, I had only just left England then and it really seems ages since I heard the results on the “Aquitania”.

She reached England on Thursday by the way. Boy would I have liked to have been on her. Still my time will come.

Well I think that is all for now, sorry there is nothing really important to tell you this time, probably next time I shall be able to write another big letter, until then
all my love
x x x x x x x x x x x


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