17th December 1945

Dear Mom & Dad & Jean,

I am writing this in a pool of sweat although it is only just seven oclock. For most of yesterday we had a temperature of over ninety degrees. I bet it is a bit different at home now.

We heard the other day that the Port watch, that is the watch that I am in, is having four days leave at Xmas so I am homing that I don’t get a draft before then. I don’t know where I am going yet, I expect I shall end up at the British Centre in Hyde Park.

Have you read about the general strike in Sydney in the papers, it is a nuisance to us and we can’t have such a good time ashore now. It is practically impossible to get a cooked meal and we are just about sick of the sight of salads now. Still in this mornings paper it says that some of the strikers are going back to work this morning so perhaps it will be back to normal before long.

Last week I went over Sydney suspension bridge by train. It really is a marvellous sight, there is a first class three traffic line road, two sets of railway lines, two sets of tramway lines and two pedestrian footpaths so you can guess the width of it. It takes about five minutes to cross it on the train.


We can go anywhere on a Sydney tram for 1d and also can get a fortnightly railway ticket for 3/- which takes us on any railway within a thirty mile radius of Sydney.

I am posting a photograph taken last week in Hyde Park, at the same time as this letter so you should get them at the same time. Also a cutting that should interest Dad.


By the way did you ever send the ‘local mags’ out to me? They say it takes them two months to reach here so if I go up the ‘Islands’ I shall get them about the end of January. Still as long as I know if there are any on the way.

Well I shall have to close down once again so
All my love
Your own son
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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