8th November 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line or two to let you know that I am still O.K. and in the best of health. We are now two days off Capetown which we reach some time on Saturday morning. We are stopping there for four days and I believe that we are going ashore. I hope so as most of us are browned off with being on board and seeing nothing but sea for nearly a fortnight.

We had a good time while we were at Freetown with the natives. They came out in their native boats and brought bunches of bananas, oranges, coconuts, pineapples, silks, native slippers, native wicker baskets and pet monkeys and parrots and tried to sell them to us. I ought a bit bunch of bananas roughly about a hundred all told which cost me 2’/6d and about twenty to thirty about twenty to thirty oranges and half a dozen coconuts which cost me 3/-. I have still got plenty left but I don’t expect there will be all that many by the time I {illegible} Capetown.

We crossed the Equator two days ago so you can guess it is pretty hot around here. I am quite sunburnt already, that “schoolgirl complexion”. There are quite a few chaps who are in sickbay with sunburn but it is their own fault really as they spent all their time in the sun so they really asked for it.

The sea for the last week has been lovely and calm but at the moment it is getting rough again now that we are nearing the Cape so I expect I shall be spending my time on my bunk again before long/

We have pretty good entertainments on board now, pictures, concerts, plays, band concerts and gramophone records programmes including our own “Forces Favourites”. The picture that is on at the moment is “2000 Women” and is about the Women of Occupied France. I haven’t seen it yet but my mates say is is quite good. I spend most of my time playing draughts with my mate as we are all fed up with reading and it helps to pass the time away.

By the way did you get that bit photo of the ship O.K. I hope you did as I thought it was very good don’t you?

How has the village football club been going on lately? It seems ages since I had any news about them or the Villa and the Blues. Still I expect I shall get all the news when I get to Australia.

Have you been over to Droitwich lately? Has Teresa got herself “fixed up” yet? I expect it is a bit too wintry to go over there every weekend now though isn’t it? Have you been doing any good on the football pools lately or was it only beginners luck at the start of the season?

The food here is still pretty good, we usually get tinned fruit for pudding and tonight we had an ice cream as an extra.

Well I think that is about all I can manage to get on this letter so I am afraid I shall have to sign off until next time so
All my love
Your own son
x x x x x x x x
P.S. Remember me to all the gang!


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