2nd November 1945

Dear Mom and Dad and Jean,

Just a line or two to let you know that I am still quite O.K. and have got over my first attacks of seasickness. At the moment I am sitting on my bunk in just my football shorts, the heat is terrific, in fact it is so hot that they won’t let anyone go on deck without a shirt and a hat in case they get sunstroke. It is about ten at the moment and the heat already is much more than the hottest summer day in England.

There are notices all over ship and they keep broadcasting, Don’t take too much sun, eat more salt, take salt water showers regularly, have you hair cut short and quite a lot of other Do’s and Don’ts. The journey is a little behind time and we don’t get into Freetown until tomorrow instead of today as originally announced so I thought I might as drop you another line as it will be a week or so before we can drop any more mail.

Have you received my air mail and the photograph of the ship yet? I have also got a little lifebelt made out of wood which has also got a photograph inscribed in it. I also managed to get two propelling pencils as well out of the canteen so I will see if I can post them on when I get to Sydney.

At the moment we are about 100 miles or so from Freetown and I expect you can see from a map how far down the coast of Africa that is so you can guess how hot it is.

Yesterday we saw a shoal, or whatever they call it, of flying fish. They were a very funny sight, they jump out of the water then glide through the air for a hundred yards or so before they dive into the water again.

The day before we passed through the Canary Islands, it was a treat to see some land again. They were very mountainous and looked a treat catching the morning sun, especially as there was a light haze lying over the mountains.

Yesterday for pudding we had tinned pineapples, boy did they go down well. We wondered what the Navy was coming to. The grub on the whole isn’t too bad, much better than I expected considering the conditions they have to work under. I expect before long though they will be giving us salads and other cold dishes I expect we shall get plenty of fruit as well.

How is the weather at the village now, I expect the winter has set in by now. We heard the attempt on the airspeed record had been put off owing to bad weather so I expect it is pretty general.

My job on board is galley utensil cleaning party and I have to clean all the pans dishes etc that are used to cook the meals. It is not such a bad job as it only comes along during meal times.

Well I will sign off until next time a it is getting near time for dinner,
So all my love
x x x x x x x x x x

P.S. Excuse writing as the weather is that hot that it is difficult to hold the pen owing to my sweaty hands.


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