30th October 1945


Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line or two just to let you know that I am O.K. and just about getting used to the “life on the ocean wave”. At the moment of writing we are just about opposite Gibraltar (roughly) though of course there is no land to give us a clue. We haven’t seen any land since about ten on Sunday morning so you can guess we haven’t had much change of scenery. I have just had dinner the first meal since Sunday dinnertime as since then I have been violently seasick just lying on my bunk and every now and then making a dash for the bathroom. Not that I was on my own as there were dozens besides myself, crossing the Bay of Biscay was the worst as we came across in a gale, well so they tell me but I was too far gone to worry about that at the time. Still I think that I have just about got over it now, I hope.

Did you get my letter O.K. I posted it late Saturday night so I should think you got it by Monday or early Tuesday. I don’t expect you will get this until next Tuesday or Wednesday as I shan’t be able to post it until Friday and it usually takes air mails about three days to get to England so it should reach you about then. I hope by the time I get to Australia I shall have a nice pile of letters and paper waiting for me. I shall look forward to the “Brum Mail” as I don’t even know how the Villa got on last Saturday. There is a wireless on board but they didn’t start using it until yesterday. Still once I get out there I should think I shall get mail pretty regularly again. By the way I have only sent my address to you and Roy so far so if Granny C., Aunty Em, Edna, Teresa want to know my address will you pass it on to them. I expect Edna will want it for Fred though I should think he will be coming soon pretty soon. How long has he been abroad now, three or four years isn’t it. It certainly will be a long time before I see him, altogether it won’t be so far of six years.

The sea is beginning to get much calmer now and the weather much hotter, I expect tomorrow or Thursday we shall all be wearing tropical kit. It is beginning to make us sweat a bit more now all the same, and we are only two days and two nights sailing from England. Still I reckon I am going at the right time of the year, it will be summer by the time I get to Australia. Just in time for the cricket season.

By the way did you get Bill H.’s address, if he is still out there I can drop him a line or I might even bump into him if he is still at Sydney.

I have met quite a number of my old mates on board, two from when I was at Skegness, P. and F. I don’t think you know them though. P. had just had his teeth out and looked pretty miserable.

It’s a pity that Alan nor Geoff nor Norman are with me, Alan said in his last letter that he would be soon going abroad but he didn’t say where to. Still all the same there are hundreds of Marines on board so perhaps he may end up out at Australia.

How did the village go on last Saturday, I can’t understand why Jean doesn’t go down and see Johnny H., or was it Nobby that caught her eye, as well as Moggy. Still I expect she’s got enough to go on with for the time being at S. St.

Well I think that’s about all I can get on this letter so I will sign off until next time
All my love


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