25th October 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line or two to let you know that I got back safely and didn’t get caught.

I got back about twelve as my train was two hours late, and I got into camp alright through the ‘Burma Road’ although I ripped my overcoat in the process. Still I’m glad that I came and took the risk as I have got a chit today to say that I have to report tomorrow so it looks as though I am on the move at last. I think it is going this time as there has been a rumour going round for the last week that the draft is going and there is usually some truth in the rumours. Still when I come back to England again it will be for demob. Did you read the Daily Express yesterday and see what Churchill said about the demob, I think if he keeps on against the Government he will get it speeded up again just to keep everyone quiet.

By the way I have got 120 Hensites cigs here but I haven’t had chance to post them yet but I will see if I get a chance tomorrow.

There doesn’t seem much to say this time as I don’t know anything really definite until I get into Barracks tomorrow or Friday so I will sign off for the time being. I will write again when I get into Barracks.

P.S. Do not reply to this address until I write again.

All my love

P.P.S. I will number all my letters when I leave the country and will you do the same so that we shall both know whether any letters have gone astray.


Burma Road was slang for a passageway below the decks of a ship. It seems likely that there is another meaning, possibly specific to Belmont Park…

Although I can’t find the Daily Express article online, a similar article was published in the Stanford Daily on the 23rd of October 1945. Churchill argued that the Navy should be cut to 133,000. Demobilisation under the Labour government was progressing too slowly and that Forces personnel were needed to work in industry to help the economic recovery.


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