10th October 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to thank you for the papers which I received today and the letter which I received yesterday. As you can see by my address I still haven’t moved from Havant, I should have left over the weekend but it was cancelled the night before.

Since I arrived back here I have been to the pictures three times, twice in Portsmouth and once in the camp. The pictures I have seen are “Diamond Horseshoe” with Betty Grable and Dick Haymes, “Tampico” with Edward G. Robinson, Lynn Bari, Victor McGlagen, and “Mr Skeffington” with Bette Davis. I didn’t think much of the first one but the other two were very good indeed especially “Mr Skeffington” it is one of the best that I have seen Bette Davis. It is definitely worth seeing and I think you’d enjoy it.

On Saturday I saw Portsmouth play Leicester City, it was a very good game but I don’t think that Leicester deserved to lose by two goals to nil Frank Soo was captain for Leicester and he played a smashing game. Septimus Smith, the left half, was also very good. The two best players on the field though were the goalkeepers, Walker of Portsmouth and Graham of Leicester, they both saved certain goals time and time again.

How did the village team get on Saturday, Johnny Harris and Constable didn’t play did they? They seem to be bucking up a bit lately now, I expect they have got used to playing with each other by now.

Well I can’t think of anything more to say at the moment so I will sign off until next time

All my love
P.T.O. x x x x x x x x

P.S. Do you know what time that Forces train leaves Birmingham on Saturday night for London? Is it 10.30 or 11.30?


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