September 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still O.K. and am now longing to get home again. The time seems to go terribly slow when leave gets near. As far as I know the routine at Havant is, we arrive Tuesday night and get our draft routine over the same night. Wednesday we send settling down having kit musters and medical inspections. That far I know definitely, but after that nobody seems quite sure what happens. The general idea is that we go on leave on Thursday dinnertime but I am afraid that I can’t take that as definite yet. I will give you a ring or send you a telegram as soon as I know anything more definite. That is if I come home this week otherwise I will send you a letter.

I don’t even know whether I am likely to go abroad or not, if I do then I shall get 14 days leave plus 2 days V.J. leave plus 2 days travelling plus 3 days special leave as the barracks are so crowded.. Otherwise I may only get nine days leave if I am to stop in the country.

I had to see the Divisional officer yesterday and he said that as I had done so well on the course he was going to put a special recommendation on my service papers so that I can get my transfer to Stoker (E). There are three Stokers (S) in our division, that is men who are training for officers. In the exam they got 91, 84, and 79 marks so you can see I did pretty well as they are supposed to be exceptional ratings who are specially picked out for officers.

Yesterday I went and saw Plymouth Argyle play Derby County on Home Park. It was a very poor match and if it hadn’t been for Bobby Brown, Scotland’s goalkeeper who was playing for Plymouth it would have been 10-0. He is a P.T. instructor at Devonport Naval Barracks and when you get near to him he looks just like a schoolboy and he certainly doesn’t look like an international goalkeeper. Latham of Aston Villa and Gardner the ex-Villa player also play for Plymouth.

Midland teams certainly seem to be doing well this year so far, three of them in the top four.

Well it is time to turn in now so I had better close down for the time being. Hoping to see you some time after Thursday.

All my love,


Date unknown. In an envelope marked 5th October, together with another letter.


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