5th October 1947

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few likes to let you know that I arrived back safely yesterday. I got into camp about six, just in time for supper. I travelled down with a Birmingham chap from our camp so it wasn’t too bad with someone that I knew. I had a seat all the way from Birmingham to Havant so I should think that my luck has changed.

Today I have been doing drafting routine but I don’t think that we are going into Barracks tomorrow as they usually tell you if you have to report and they didn’t say anything to us so it might be a day or two yet. I believe that we are sailing from Liverpool and as far as I can make out we pick up a ship there and work out passage out to Colombio via Malta and Suez Canal. When we get there the ship is taken over by men due for leave or demob who bring it back to England. We then go into Mayina Barracks and are employed as working party until we get a ship which may be joining the Far East fleet or may be on its way back to England???

Still whatever happens I don’t suppose I shall be abroad more than about nine months to a year because if group 45 is out by next June then it should only be about six months at the latest till I get demobbed so I should be on the way back by this time next year.

Well I can’t think of anything more to say at the moment so I will sign off for the time being,

All my love,
x  x  x  x  x  x


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