22nd August 1945

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just a line or two to let you know that I received the birthday cards quite O.K. I had one from Granny C., Teresa, and a letter from Aunty Em, who sent me £1. Granny C. sent me 10/-. I will forward money on next time I write when I can get a postal order.

I played for the first team on Saturday, we got 95 for 6 wickets declared. I made 2 not out and then we got them all out for 15 runs. I got two men out behind the stumps. One bowler, named Hall who has had trials for Surrey I think it is got seven wickets for three runs. Not bad eh! On Tuesday we played H.M.S. “Vincent” and got them out for 30 runs and then they caused a surprise by getting us out for 38 runs. One P.T. instructor made 32 so you can see what a rout it was. I was not out again as I have got a batting average of infinity.

I am enclosing a photo of the “Resolution”, which is the one I am on, the photo was taken off Scotland somewhere. You can see it is a big ship.

The King and President Truman are coming here today, they are meeting in the battle cruiser “Renown” which is moored in the ‘Sound’ off Plymouth Hoe.

Has the log book come through yet. I hope that I shall be able to get some petrol next time. I hear there is a lot of talk of them increasing the basic soon in any case.

Has Granny C. “moved in” yet, I expect she has the garden all planted out all ready for when she goes down in eighteen months time?

I have been to the pictures quite a lot lately, last night I saw John Carradine in “Black Parachute” and Abbott and Costello in “In Society” and on Monday I saw Bob Hope and Virginia Mays in “The Princess and the Pirate”, which was a very funny film, the best I have

The rest of the letter is missing.

Historical Note

This was the first time President Harry Truman visited the UK.


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