24th June 1945

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just a few lines in reply to your letter which I received on Friday. I got your parcel by the following post, the apples and pears went down very well, especially the pears, I have still got some of the biscuits and part of the cake left. Tell Jean that she can send the lighter on as I smoke a pipe of ‘baccy’ now and again.

I hear Olive and Jim are getting engaged on September 16th, I shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t offer to look after the “Palace” for you during the winter.

I haven’t heard from Norman since I came back off leave, I have written twice but have got no reply, I suppose he has been drafted from Chatham. Talking of Chatham did you see that article in the Sunday Express entitled “It’s Punishment to be sent to Chatham” and it dealt with life in the three Naval Barracks – Chatham, Portsmouth and Devonport. It certainly didn’t say much for life in the Navy in Chatham there are 27000 men sleeping in accommodation meant for 10000 so it seems a bit grim.

What do you think of the new bomb, it is a good job that Jerry didn’t get it first or it might have meant a different tale to the end of the war.

I have heard unofficially that we are going on draft at the end of August but I expect it will be early in September before we go so I shall probably be home in the middle of September.

I see Sydney Wooderson had hard luck against Andersson, and England certainly have shown Australia how to knock up the score. Still I think it will be a draw for all that.

Well I can’t think of anything more to say this time and as it is getting late I will sign off.

By the way a good picture to see – Eric Portman in “Great Day” it is similar to “Canterbury Tale”.

Bye bye for now
Lots of love

Historical Notes

On the 16th of July 1945, the Manhattan Project detonated the world’s first nuclear bomb. This, the Trinity test, was carried out at what is now White Sands Missile Range, in the New Mexico desert, and it was (technically) a complete success. Gadget, a plutonium bomb, released about 92 terajoules of energy, equivalent to 20 thousand tons of TNT. The resulting crater was over 700 metres in diameter. A number of films of the test survive. Full details, however, were not made public until after the bombing of Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945.

Sydney Wooderson and Arne Andersson were middle-distance runners. In July 1945, Andersson beat Wooderson by 0.4 seconds over a mile.


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