26th May 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line or two to let you know that I received the washing safely. Sorry I didn’t reply before but I thought I might as well hang on till today so that I could get my new address. I had a bit of an accident with the clean collars, I put them in my case and my bottle of ink leaked and pretty well smothered them. I have tried to wash them but have not made much of a job of it.

I have tried to ring you up the last three nights but couldn’t get an answer, I could hear the phone ringing but I suppose it must have been switched off or something.

We had our first exam last Wednesday and there were fifteen out of fifty nine who didn’t pass, including Norman. Still as we have lost such a lot of time on the course and owing to the fact that he was only just under the pass mark they allowed him to continue with the course. I don’t think he will pass next time however as he has to get 70% instead of the usual 60% pass mark. I don’t know what %age I got as they don’t tell unless you fail.

We moved on to the battleship on Friday afternoon and after what I have seen of it so far I am not particularly enthralled with it. It is just like living on a floating greenhouse what with the heat. The sanitary conditions are also pretty foul, there is no chance of a bath. We have to live eat and sleep in the same space, there is about thirty of us in a space of about the size of the recreation ground hut. (By the way I am writing this in Portsmouth as all letters posted on board have to be censored) (sshh)

However, the food is pretty good, and the canteen is excellent, we can get duty free cigarettes, Players – Craven A at 20 for 6d. We are allowed twenty a day so I will see what I can do. Still we should be home in a fortnight I hope, providing we pass the exam of course, so it won’t  be so bad.

I haven’t sent any photos off yet as I haven’t had much time with first swotting for the last exam and now changing over to the ship. Still I’ll see what I can do in the next week. In any case I shall be home next weekend so I can give them to Aunty Em, Aunty Edna etc.

Well I will sign off now as Norman an dGeoff are getting a little impatient so bye bye for now
Lots of love
x x x x x x

P.S. Could you let me have some money for train fare next week as I don’t want to use a travel warrant just for a weekend?
Did you find where Lyndhurst?


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