11th May 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line to let you know that I received the photographs safely. Is there anyone that you have given one to just in case I send them another. I have sent one off to Barmouth so that has got them cleared. Did you get my shirt safely. I posted it on Monday but I expect it got delayed by V day. They gave the camps a days holiday but I was one of the unlucky ones, I was on duty. Still I went out last night so I had a part in the celebrations. The captain said that as it was V night it didn’t matter what time we came in. We joined up with some crowd of people in front of the Guildhall right in the MAIN ROAD, where a terrific bonfire had been built. Somebody brought along a baked potato machine so we had a pretty good time. They sent along about a dozen police to keep the crowd in order but before long they joined in themselves. Somebody had got placards of Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and they marched round and round the square singing at the top of their voices. Another procession was headed by a prisoner of war with a German steel helmet, Wehrmacht arm band and German battle tunic.


Our camp is right alongside the dockyard and the ships were blowing their hooters and flashing lights all night long, it was like a mad house, you should have heard it. I expect yo heard the recordings from Liverpool, you could hear some of the ships blowing their hooters then, well you can imagine what it was like fifty yards away.

We had our first test yesterday, on electric circuits, they were pretty easy as I had been doing the same sort of thing at school and I got 95% marks. We are making a cable guard in the practical class this morning and I believe they pay a good deal of attention to it and it goes a good way towards passing the exams.

By the way I am due for a week end leave on May 26th but I don’t know whether I shall come yet it all depends on the trains. Could you get me a list of trains for Saturday (and Friday) from Birmingham to London G.W.R. or L.M.S.? Then if there is a good train I will risk it, when I get back I have to sit my final exam on the Monday afternoon so I don’t want to be adrift.

I get my seven days leave on June 1st until the eighth but I think I get two extra days “Victory” leave so I shall probably get nine or ten, I hope so anyhow.

Well I will say cheerio for now as I want to catch the post.

Lots of love
x  x  x  x  x

P.S. Shan’t bother to ring up as nothing important to tell you.

Historical Note

Germany surrendered on the 8th of May 1945.


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