3rd May 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line to let you know that I am O.K. before I go to Portsmouth. I am sorry I didn’t write before but I had my second inoculation on Tuesday and I have not been feeling too grand. Apart from stiffness now though I feel quite alright.

Tell Jess O. that I have received the letter but am not bothering to reply to it until I get my address at H.M.S. “Vernon”.

We have passed out at seamanship and shooting. I scored nineteen out of twenty on the range which was pretty good shooting considering I haven’t done any before.

I haven’t received the washing yet, I expect I shall get that today, though.

I saw the Nazi atrocity film in Malvern on Tuesday, it is a lot worse than the pictures in the papers. Quite a lot of the civilians refused to look at it and turned their heads away.

Well I can’t write any more at the moment as I have got to fall in for medical examinations.

Bye bye till I get to Portsmouth.
Lots of love

P.S. Am expecting to be home in a month on a decent leave according to what we have been told.

Historical Notes

The Nazi atrocity film may have been Behind the Swastika. This highly distressing film includes video of severely injured, dead and dying men, many of whom were starving. It was filmed mostly at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, which had been liberated by the British on the 15th of April.

The HMS Vernon was another onshore training establishment, which in early 1945 had a number of sites along the south coast of England. It specialised in mine removal.


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