25th April 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to let you know all the latest news. We have just come back from the boating lake where we have been all afternoon learning to row. The boats are manned by twelve men and a coxswain, which is a bit different to those at Sutton.

We have finished our squad rill and rifle drill now and have started on bayonet fighting, they evidently expect us to do some hand to hand fighting.

Some of the chaps in our class are going on draft on Saturday to Rugby, they were going to send us to Portsmouth next Wednesday but it has been cancelled (good job). They were going to cut the course down to three weeks but we are now going to do the full five weeks.

By the way I have seen Taffy, he is now allowed out although he is not allowed to mix with anyone. He has to stand one side of a big crater while I had to stand the other side. He has been back classed which means that he will have to start the course all over again and will be separated from us. However he is getting ten days sick leave when he comes out so he is a bit luckier than us. In any case I should have parted from him here as J..E.Ms go to Portsmouth and Taffy goes to Wetherby. Have you sent the money off yet as he enquired after it when I saw him?

Norman’s wife is down in Malvern today as she has got 48 hours leave, I think Norman has applied for a sleeping out pass for the night.

Have the photographs been developed yet and have the ones from Skegness come yet? Don’t forget to send them along when they are done.

I am enclosing Norman’s cheque and I think it is all O.K. this time.

Well, it is suppertime now so I will say bye bye for now.

Lots of love.
x  x  x  x  x  x


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