23rd April 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to let you know that I arrived safely back on Saturday night. I got to Snow Hill at eight and the train was on the platform so I managed to get a set. My one mate from Wolverhampton caught the train with about two minutes to spare. The train got into Malvern at about two minutes to ten so we didn’t do so badly and got back to camp at half past ten. One of the boys from another block missed the train and arrived back in camp this morning at eleven. All his division has had their leave cancelled which means that only “Anson” division is allowed to Birmingham besides “Blake”.

I collected your parcel from the Mail Office this morning. I have checked up on my collars and have definitely ‘won’ one from somewhere. Still I don’t suppose it will matter as nobody has claimed it yet.

We had another game of football this afternoon and this time we only managed to draw by the skin of our teeths. We were losing two goals to one at half time and immediately after the resumption of play I got crocked and had to go on the left wing. They scored shortly afterwards making it three-one. Before long however our centre forward reduced their lead and two minutes from time I scored a third making it three all. So we still have an unbeaten record and are still top class in “Blake” division.

By the way will you thank Jess O. for the chocolate covered toffee it certainly was a surprise just what the doctor ordered.

Have you got the maps developed yet and have the photographs come from Skegness yet?

Well I think that is about all for this time so I will sign off until next time. I will give you a ring Thursday or Friday.

So bye bye until then
Lots of love
P.S. Excuse writing as I am in a hurry as I am on messenger duty in ten minutes time.


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