20th April 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still fit. I have just about shaken off the vaccination fever now although I have still got a bit of a cold. Taffy by the way is now in sick bay with Scarlet Fever. He went in Monday morning and I had a note from him yesterday. He says that he will be in for four weeks at best which means that he will be back classed and will miss his draft.

To think that I was out with him all Sunday night and slept over him all night. Still I have felt no ill effects so I should say that I am alright.

We have started our training this morning and have just come in from squad drill. Our C.P.O. has gone on leave this morning on ten days leave so we have got a new one, C.P.O. Daly. He is Irish so I expect the air will be blue on the parade ground for the next three weeks.

I have got to fall in at ten fifteen to see whether my applications to come home has been granted. There are quite a lot of them trying to get home so it seems that it is a common request.

Have just come back from P.T., we had a relay practice in classes to run for the division. I came in first in the trial run of two twenty yards in our class and so was no 1. for our class. We had fifteen in each trial and had a straight two twenty race for each section. There were thirty in our class so we had to have two races. Then the first eight in each section had to run against each other and the first fifteen were picked for the class. I came in first in both trials. We then ran against 144 class and beat them in a hundred yards relay.

We were on Workshop duties yesterday and we were on the washing up party, we were washing up till half past nine so we had a pretty long day.

There were four of us out of 279 class in this class when we started here. Taffy is in with Scarlet Fever, Coote is in under observation with suspected Scarlet Fever and Bowles is in with Vaccine Fever so that I am the only one left now.

I have got my hat back, it mysteriously appeared on the table in the main hall but nobody seemed to know how it got there.

I had another issue of tobacco on last Saturday (I don’t know whether I told you) I shall have to do plenty of smoking to use it all up.

Just come back from Divisional Office to see about coming home on Saturday. It has been put thro’ and I have got to see the Commander in the morning.

Mail has just come in and I got Dad’s letter. I wondered what all the rumpus was on Sunday when I came in the guard said to me, “Who was it your mother or grandmother?” I thought he was referring to the parcel that I had so I said “Mother”. Then when I got to my block all my mates told me that they had been broadcasting three times for me during the afternoon. Of course I wondered what the dickens they were on about. Now I know. Evidently Granny C. had been to the gate and asked for me.

Have just come back from a football match which we won by three goals to one. Our captain was in sick bay with scarlet fever so I was captain of the team. We have played three games now and won them all so perhaps we shall be attracting our Divisional Officers attention.

Well that is about all, I think, I will give you a ring on Friday night.
Lots of Love
x  x  x  x
P.S. Excuse writing.


By ‘two twenty’ Graham meant 220 yards. This confused me to start with!

According to Graham’s later writings, his grandparents were looked after even though he wasn’t there – they were ‘treated as V.I.P. with tea and sandwiches in the Hospitality Lounge’.


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