17th April 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line to let you know that I arrived safely back at camp on Sunday. At the moment I am not feeling so well as I have got a touch of vaccine fever. “Taffy” is in sick bay where he is under observation for two or three days. Most of the class have the same complaint and there are quite a few in beside ‘Taffy’. I didn’t bother to go in myself and have felt pretty rotten all day. I had a shower after tea and it bucked me up a bit.

We are on Drake fire party tonight and have to report at nine. I shall try and get out of it and get to bed early.

This morning we were on work ship duty and I had to do a spot of gardening. We planted about an acre of runner beans, I shall certainly be versatile when I come on leave.

Norman came back last night from his short leave, he didn’t seem very pleased with his return to Navy life.

All leave has been stopped in Frobisher division as one of the men was three hours adrift. Luckily it doesn’t apply to us so I am still living in hopes that I shall be home Saturday. I have put my application in, I think I shall get it alright.

I had my cap ‘pinched’ this morning while I was having a wash and so far I have not got it back yet.

We have knocked a hole in the sandwich and have had one slice off the big cake. The sandwich went down very well. It was a change from the cake we get here.

Don’t forget to send Aunty Win one of the photographs if you get them from Skegness. When you get the others developed send them along so that I can see them.

I am posting my washing tonight. I expect you will get it on Thursday or Friday.

How is the snooker handicap going on now?

Well I will sign off for now.
Hoping to see you Saturday
Lots of love


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