6th April 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to let you know that I have received the washing safely. I have also sent home my next lot except pants which I will forward later. When you have washed them do not forward them back to this address but wait until you get my new address from Malvern.

I have just arrived back from the dentist and have now finished my treatment. I have had one tooth stopped this afternoon, well he said he had stopped it, I thought he had drilled it all away. I am now supposed to have a set of reliable teeth.

So far I have had no ill affects from my vacinations but they say it takes a week to ten days before you get any trouble. There is a possibility that the vacine may not take in which case I should have to have another vacination.

We have started on rifle drill this last two days, I thought squad drill was bad enough but blimey it tires you out much quicker. Still the number one course only takes six weeks and we have done three so we shan’t have much more to do.

Well I will sign off for the moment as I want to get down to the Post Office to catch the afternoon post

Bye bye for now
Lots of love
x x x x x


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