3rd April 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a line or two to let you know that I arrived safely back on Wednesday. It was nearly six by the time I got in the camp and as I wasn’t particularly hungry I went to bed after I had fetched my kit.

When I got here I was surprised to find the chalet empty, I thought Norman had gone on draft at first but when I went to the mail office there was a card from him to say he would be back tonight so he must have managed to get his leave after all.

Page missing

think it will be very long before he follows us to Skegness. He certainly doesn’t sound too optimistic about the exams which he gets next Monday.

We had a ‘spot’ of duty class this morning and were “coal heaving” quite a change from lying on our beds for a week.

I had a shock today when we got paid, I got 50/- it is a pound difference from what we usually get. I am quite a rich “fellah” at the moment and so I ahve just put in a form to start a Post Office Savings Account.

Well it is nearly tea time now so I will say bye bye for now

Lots of love
xxxxxxxxx x

P.S. Will give you a ring either next Wednesday or Thursday to let you know whether I am coming home at the weekend and also to let you know my address.




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