28th March 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

I am sorry that I didn’t reply to your letter dated Thursday before as I haven’t had much time to write letters lately. Saturday we were on ‘galley duty’ that is to wash up dishes and plates of about a thousand men, peel potatoes, cut the cabbage up and put the dinners up. Sunday we were duty class and had to wake the camp up, sweep up all the dining halls and main roads in the camp, put up the black out at night (the black out still applies here) and sweep out the cinema last thing at night.

By the time we had done this the effects of the inoculation had well worn off.

As we are not going to Malvern we have to do our No 1 training here and so we started on the course yesterday. We do squad drill, P.T. and seamanship here.

I had my first game of football yesterday when I was picked for Q.D. division against Top division. I played right half, and we won by six goals to nil.

I received the money and the two parcels safely. The money came first followed by the big parcel then the little parcel last.

Many thanks for same, we certainly knocked a hole in the cake. I received a cake from Barmouth today, a prewar affair, all chocolate covered, also a bag of sweets.

I also received a letter from Aunty Em and ten shillings, will you thank her for same.

I have just received your second letter dated 25-3-45. Will you tell Mr B. to thank Frank R. if he sees him and tell him I will write later.

I have just come back from a football match, the Dutch played Top Division, the division we played last night, and beat them by five goals to nil.

I have had a note from Frank R. at work telling me about the present, also one from Roy telling me all the local ‘scandal’. Did you hear about John D., he has started courting.

Roy says he is going out with a N.A.A.F.I. girl, I bet she must be a ‘smasher’. Talking of girls I still manage to see Jane every morning. They pin up about a dozen of the leading morning papers in the mess each morning so I don’t miss her.

I have posted a photograph of the class with the same post as this, I enclose an enlargement of my naval identity card photograph. Sorry it has not shown me with cap on but they do not take them like that.

The photographs I had took in Skegness in full uniform did not come out so I have got to have them taken again. I will send them on as soon as I get them. Well I cannot think of anything more for the moment so I will sign off. Let me know the nights you are likely to be home so I can catch you in when I ring.

Bye bye for now
Lots of love
x  x  x  x

P.S. We are on firewatch again Thursday night worse luck.

Historical Note

The N.A.A.F.I. (Naval, Army and Air Force Institutes) was a government organisation set up in 1921 to provide support for military personnel, which ran cafes, clubs, bars, supermarkets, laundry facilities and restaurants on military bases worldwide. By 1944 it had 7,000 establishments and employed nearly 100,000 people. Today, the N.A.A.F.I. continues to provide both the Naval Canteen Service and a number of other facilities, including services in Brunei, Germany, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and the Falklands.



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