25th March 1945

Dear Jean,

Many thanks for your letter it was very welcome. I except when I come on leave I shall listen to Forces Favourites. I am collecting my photographs this afternoon so I will send them on when I get them. I have met the boy James from the Met and also one of my mates from school who was sent down here the week after I came. Tell mom I received the two parcels, the big one yesterday and the small one this morning. We knocked a hole in the cake in bed last night, it was a treat to have some home made cake.

We had some bad news this morning, our draft to Malvern has been cancelled and I have to do my squad drill and P.T. course here. The course lasts for six weeks and at the end we get forty eight hours leave. Then we go to Portsmouth and at the end of the course I think we get seven days leave. We had our first inoculation Thursday, it nearly killed us. We could not move our arms on Friday, there is a great swelling in the back of my arm and it is now dinnertime Saturday and we can just about move it now. It was a bit different from the one we had at Dr Honigs-Bergers. We have two more inoculations to have yet. The first was 25 c.c. the next is 50 c.c. and the third is 100 c.c. Then we have to have a vaccination so we shall be mighty sore for a week or so.

Tell mom that I am sending my washing home in a day or two. There is one pair of socks, pants, one vest, one shirt, one collar and my three handkerchiefs. Well I will sign off now as I am going to catch the ‘liberty boat’ in ten minutes time.

Lots of love

P.S. Excuse writing as I am doing it balanced on my knee.


Historical Note

The inoculations mentioned may have included typhus and tetanus.


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