20th March 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

I have a moment to spare so I thought I would drop you a few lines. I have my full address now, the P stands for Portsmouth which is the port division to which I have to report when I have finished my training. There are four port divisions – Portsmouth, Chatham, Lowestofte and Devenport.

I have been put in the starboard watch and was allowed out yesterday. We have to catch the ‘liberty boat’, that is a fleet of buses which runs down to Skegness. I went down with Norman and we thought the war was over. You can buy ice cream with MILK in and any amount of food. It was a treat to have a drink of tea with sugar in. We had a game of snooker and visited all the fairs and side shows in the town.

We had a plane crash here on Friday, I believe the crew were all killed. Saturday night the sirens went and we all had to go down the shelters. Luckily “Jerry” didn’t come near so we went back to bed again.

We tested our lifebelts today, it was a lovely feeling jumping into a tank full of water and having to rely on a lifebelt to keep you afloat. Still it worked so we didn’t mind so much.

Well I have got to sign off now as I am mess orderly and have to be in the mess in five minutes time.

Bye bye for now
Lots of love

p.s. Remember me to the gang and Mr A. x x x x x


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